“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”  –Lewis Carroll

Every business is headed for a destination.  We can’t change that destination overnight, but we can change its direction.  Changing the direction often places the business on the correct road.  Here’s how we start:

  • We ask questions. What are the business objectives and the marketing objectives? What is working? What is not? We get a clear picture of what’s happening now.
  • We identify the real competitors and understand what they are doing. What competitive advantages do they have and why do they have them?
  • We look closely at the company’s brand. What position is it taking in the marketplace? What benefit has it defined that sets it apart from its competitors?
  • We identify the marketing or customer service issues that may be hurting the organization and take the steps needed to fix those problems.
  • We examine the company’s online presence and reputation and identify changes to improve it.
  • We zero in on the target audience we need most and develop the strategy to make them customers. Or patients. Or clients. Or members.
  • We design a strategy that promotes benefits to the target audience, not features. This is the essential piece of effective marketing.
  • We launch the campaign using the media and platforms that most effectively reach the target audience.
  • We closely monitor results.

Not all clients want or need this process. They may simply need a marketing-related project. Like a video. Or some website help. Or customer service strategies.  We do a lot of that. And we invite you to contact us.