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Five good habits of those who get things done, by David S. Allen

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In some organizations, they are called rainmakers. In others, they are simply known as being indispensable employees. They are difference makers. They not only know how to get things done, they get things done. I have noticed they have at least five habits in common.

--They establish and pursue defined, big-picture goals. They have written goals that are measurable, they keep those goals close, they review them often and they work every day toward accomplishing them.

--They spend their time doing. They prioritize what they need to do and they work diligently and consistently to get things done, whether or not they feel like it or are motivated.  

--They persevere. They fight through adversity and quickly get back on track by taking action and pursuing their goals.

--They focus on results. Their mentality: “I either get it done or I don’t. No excuses.” They take responsibility if results are not met. They don’t blame others. And they stay after the results they want.  

--They finish the job. Call it determination or self discipline or self motivation, they don’t stop until tasks are done.

People who don’t have these habits respond in several ways to those who do. They may admire them. They may envy them. They may even dislike them. Sometimes, they try to be like them, but they decide they just don’t have that drive or don’t have those skills.

But these are not skills. They are habits—and habits, whether good ones or bad ones, are always developed over time.  

I read that it takes 30 straight days of performing a behavior before that behavior becomes a habit. So if you decide you want these good habits or others, commit to a month, do them every day and see what happens.